Safety for you and for your car

We provide a fully comprehensive insurance policy drawn up specifically for vehicle rental between private persons by AXA, a world leader in the insurance market.

Our drivers feel secure

24/7 assistance

You have roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as personal customer service if there is an emergency.


Our insurance covers damages to the vehicle, driver and passengers, third-party damages and injuries, theft and international coverage.


Every SocialCar vehicle must meet our safety and condition requirements.

How we look after you and your vehicle

International coverage

Our insurance provides international coverage, so you can drive in other countries with complete peace of mind.

AXA, leader in insurance

We work with AXA, the world’s leading insurance company for the seventh year running.

Selecting our drivers and vehicles

We check every SocialCar driver and vehicle to ensure they meet our selection and safety criteria.

Other insurance options

To meet any specific needs you may have, just contact us and we’ll help you find the best solution.

When you host

Your insurance

Whatever happens during the rental, you won’t be out of pocket and it will not affect your own no-claims bonus.

You’re protected

Our rental insurance covers third-party liability up to 50 million euros and damages to your vehicle.

24/7 assistance

We provide roadside assistance and towing to a garage if there is a breakdown.

Do you want more details?

The subject of insurance can sometimes be a concern. We understand that. That’s why we give you all the information you need.

Contact us at or by calling (+34) 93 193 16 11

SocialCar - Your booking

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All rentals require a deposit
to cover the cost of any potential incidents during the rental period.

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